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    Rank Advancement     

What is the expectation?

Rank advancement requirements can be found in the Scout BSA handbook. For the initial ranks, there are many skill requirements which may include such things as setting up a tent or tying a specific knot. As a scout progresses in rank, there are certain merit badges that need to be completed and other requirements such as being active in the troop.

When a scout is ready to advance to the rank of Star, Life, and Eagle, the leadership team of Troop 17 expect each scout to complete the following....

1) Recite the Scout Oath without assistance and be able to explain all parts

2) Recite the Scout Law without assistance and be able to explain all parts

3) Describe positive and negative experiences of their Scouting experience

4) Dress in proper Scouting uniform for conference/board of review

5) Meet the 3 requirements of being active, which include being registered, in good standing, and meeting the troop's reasonable expectations (or if not the lesser level of activity is explained)

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